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I'm vegetarian. Can I still follow the meal plan?Updated 3 months ago

Yes! For most recipes you can make simple swaps, or exchange the recipe for one that is already vegetarian. 

For example, omitting the meat in the Rainbow Bowl or Inner Love Salad from the 10 Day Gut Health Reset, and sprinkling in 2-3 tablespoons of hemp or chia seeds instead. A scoop of clean, vegetarian collagen powder is another great meat replacement option. At the end of your program PDF we've included a list of foods and ingredients to avoid, as well as a food exchange list which you can refer to when making changes to your meal plan.

Some programs include extra vegetarian recipes. On the 10 Day Gut Health Reset you will be provided three vegetarian-friendly meals that are also good on your gut. Swap these into the plan anywhere you'd like.

If you're a Fit Rise 365 member, your recipe library is a great extra resource as well. Select vegetarian meals from the Fit Rise 365 membership site, noting if there are any foods to avoid during the specific program you're doing, and swap these into your meal plan.
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