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30 Day Booty Camp

I don't like something in the meal plan. Can I substitute something else?

Yes! For best results, we recommend following the meal plan as closely as you can, but there is  flexibility if there are ingredients you dislike, are allergic to, or cannot get in your part of the world. A list of food exchanges, as well as foods to

Can I start Booty Camp before I receive my Booty Bands?

Yes! Booty Bands won’t be introduced into the workouts until Week 3 of the challenge, so you can start the program before receiving your bands.

Can I repeat the Booty Camp program?

Yes! The Booty Camp links don't expire, so you can save the emails and repeat the program at any time in the future. These emails include everything you will need from  meal plan pdfs, meditation and movement videos, and some bonuses.

Is there a Facebook group for Booty Camp?

There is not a Facebook group for this program. If you are looking for ongoing support of a like-minded community on Facebook, you may want to consider a Fit Rise 365 membership.

Should coffee grounds for the cellulite scrub be fresh?

You can use either used or fresh coffee grounds for your scrub. Remember to make sure they're organic so they're free of any pesticides. If you're not a coffee drinker, you may be able to stop at your local coffee shop to ask for used coffee grounds.

I just purchased Booty Camp. When will I receive the first week's info?

You should receive a couple of emails shortly after making your purchase with info on how to get started. If the email doesn't arrive within the first day, please make sure to check your spam folder, and add [email protected] as a safe sender fo