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What is Fit Rise?Updated a year ago

What is Fit Rise?

Fit Rise shares and exemplifies Danette May's 3 pillars of Health; Healing Foods, Healing Movements, and a Healing Mindset. This is accomplished through programs, products, and a membership program that utilize digital materials, social media, and the power of a virtual community to provide you the tools to succeed and turn these 3 pillars into a lifestyle. 

Fit Rise 365

Fit Rise 365, formerly known as Forever Fit, is Danette's original membership program. Becoming a Fit Rise 365 member provides access to all of the following great benefits:

  • A members-only online portal full of hundreds of recipes, workouts, and meditations
  • Support via a private Facebook group
  • All fixed-start date challenges and mini-challenges we release during the length of your membership

There are two membership types currently available for Fit Rise 365.


Monthly members pay  per month and have access to all Fit Rise benefits listed above.  Sign up here!


Annual members pay $197 in a one-time payment each year. In addition to the benefits listed above, annual members also have access to archived videos from the 2018 Rise Event. Sign up here!

For more information and FAQs on Fit Rise 365, check out Fit Rise 365.

Fit Rise members, check out these articles for more support on your membership. 

Managing Your Subscription

Fit Rise Members Site Access

Programs & Challenges

All programs and challenges make use of digital materials delivered via email. Be sure to keep track of these links or emails as, with those materials, you'll have lifelong access to any purchased programs!

Fixed-Start-Date Challenges

Fixed-Start-Date Challenges are challenges open to everyone and free to Fit Rise 365 members. These challenges have a set start date and are hosted within the Fit Rise 365 facebook group. Be sure to keep an eye on the Fit Rise fan page for information on any upcoming challenges! 

Evergreen Programs

Evergreen programs are available for purchase and completion at any time! With the exception of the 30 Day Challenge, these challenges are provided only via email and are not hosted in a facebook group.

30 Day Challenge

The New You 30 Day Challenge starts with a three-day detox followed by 27 days of clean eating 6 times per day. The challenge incorporates healthy rituals (morning lemon water, eating patterns, 15-minute workouts, introductions to mindset) to establish new habits of healthy foods, healthy movements, and a healthy mindset.

For more information on this program, check out this article >> 30 Day Challenge.

30 Day Booty Camp

Our popular Booty & Thigh Challenge is BACK as the 30 Day Booty Camp! Strengthening Booty & Thighs is as much about improving posture, decreasing knee & hip pain and working the largest muscle group to boost metabolism as it is about having a nice looking booty in a swimsuit. The good looking booty is simply an awesome side effect!

For more information on this program, check out this article >> 30 Day Booty Camp

10 Day Gut Health Reset

This unique 10-day “gut health” reset program uses a holistic approach. It combines healing foods, movements, and meditation. And all these enhance gut health, boost our gut, and strengthen our immune systems. This reset provides a number of awesome bonuses such as a De-Stress Bath Elixir recipe and Daily De-Stress & Deep Sleep Rituals. 

For more information on this program, check out this article >> 10 Day Gut Health Reset

Whole You Healing Detox

A highly effective and complete 3-day healing foods meal plan that will powerfully eliminate toxins and boost your metabolism so you burn more fat more efficiently. Plus 3 days of healing meditations and healing movements that will clear and re-balance the Whole You – body, mind, and emotions – for MAXIMUM detoxing and rebalancing benefit when you follow each of the 3 phases.

For more information on this program, check out this article >> Whole You Healing Detox

Other Programs

We also have a number of additional digital products, DVDs, and books! You can find more information on those in this article >> DVDs, Books & Digital Products

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