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Not Receiving Emails: How to WhitelistUpdated 3 months ago

What is Whitelisting?

If you are having trouble receiving our emails or they've been delivered straight to your spam or junk folder, whitelisting will let the spam filter in your account know that our emails are safe and can go straight to your inbox.

Sometimes replying to an email from us can automatically whitelist our address, but other times you will need to take further steps to ensure our emails end up in your inbox. 


  1. Click Contacts and New Contact
  2. Add [email protected] as the contact email address and Add Contact

When using AOL webmail, replying to an email will automatically add the address as a safe sender. 


  1. If you find an email from us in your spam folder, check the box to highlight the message and click the Not Spam icon from the menu


  1. Click on Settings (gear icon) near the top right of the Yahoo Mail window. 
  2. In the sidebar, click More Settings
  3. Select Filters and + Add New Filters
  4. Set the filter criterion you prefer and destination folder - i.e. "from contains Danette May is moved to inbox"

Hotmail Live, Windows Live & Outlook

  1. If you find an email from us in your spam folder, open the email and click Mark as Safe


  1. Click Settings then Options
  2. In the left pane, choose Junk Email  then Safe Senders
  3. Enter [email protected] and Add


  1. If you find an email from us in your spam folder, open the email, click More then Not Spam

Gmail may also automatically reroute emails from your contacts to your inbox so you can try adding [email protected] to your contacts, but be sure to check your spam regularly just in case.


For less common email providers or special spam filters, please check out the more extensive article here or contact us at [email protected] for further assistance.

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