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Fit Rise 365, formerly known as Forever Fit, is Danette's original membership program and is focused on three main pillars - Healing Foods, Healing Movements, Healing Mindset. Becoming a Fit Rise 365 member provides access to all of the following great benefits:

  • A members-only online portal, full of hundreds of recipes, workouts, and meditations
  • Support via a private Facebook group
  • All fixed-start-date challenges and mini-challenges released during the length of your membership

Membership Types and Pricing

There are two membership types currently available for Fit Rise 365.


Monthly members have access to all Fit Rise benefits listed above. Monthly memberships can be purchased here.


Annual members pay $197 in a one-time payment each year. In addition to the benefits listed above, annual members also have access to archived videos from the 2018 Rise Event. Annual memberships can be purchased here.

Frequently Asked Questions

For questions or issues regarding access to or management of your Fit Rise membership, please check out the articles below or email us at [email protected].

Fit Rise Members Site Access
Managing Your Subscription

What is the refund policy for a Fit Rise Membership?

All Fit Rise memberships come with a 60-day money back guarantee. After that point, no refunds (prorated included) can be processed. If you'd like to cancel a renewal, but keep your current membership, we can do that as well. Just email us at [email protected].

Can men do Fit Rise 365?

Absolutely! Men can use the sign-up links above, but will be able to join a facebook group just for Fit Rise 365 men. There are also instructions in the program for how to adjust recipes for men and men's workout videos on the Fit Rise members site! 

How do I know if a certain food fits into the Fit Rise 365 plan?

The best way to make the program your own while still producing results is to make use of the food FAQs and guidelines, food exchange, and foods to avoid lists that can all be found on your Fit Rise members site. Please know, you must be logged in to access these links.

What features are available on the Fit Rise members site?

The Fit Rise members site is your one-stop shop to finding healthy foods, healthy movements, and a healthy mindset! This site features a daily calendar and full libraries of recipes, workouts, and meditations. You can also check out archived videos including Danette's Mindset Mondays, live workouts, and other checkins, a printable tracker, and more! 

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