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30 Day Booty CampUpdated a year ago

Our popular Booty & Thigh Challenge is BACK as the 30 Day Booty Camp. This is an evergreen program which means it can be purchased and completed at any time that works for you!

Strengthening Booty & Thighs is as much about improving posture, decreasing knee & hip pain and working the largest muscle group to boost metabolism as it is about having a nice looking booty in a swimsuit. The good looking booty is simply an awesome side effect!

Program Components

  • 4 emails delivered weekly that include Meal Plans, Meditations, and Workouts
  • Bonus Cellulite Scrub Recipe and Video on how to use the Scrub
  • Bonus Dining Out Guide

Where to Register

Sign up here!

Before checking out, you'll also be given a chance to purchase the Booty Bands or you can buy them here!


Can I start Booty Camp before I receive my Booty Bands?

Yes, the Booty Bands won’t be introduced into the workouts until Week 3 so they have time to ship. 

Can the booty bands be used for other exercises?

Yes, these are resistance bands and can be used to strengthen different areas of the body. 

How long is the shelf life for the cellulite scrub?

There is no recommended shelf life. However, we do suggest you check daily for any mold build up as wet coffee grounds tend to be breeding grounds for mold. It is best to use a sealed container.

How much cellulite scrub should I use?

Apply a small amount to your palm and massage gently into your skin. Rinse thoroughly.

Can you rinse the cellulite scrub down the drain?

We recommend using a drain catch or rinsing outside in order to avoid rinsing the coffee grounds down the drain. 

I’m a Fit Rise Member, how do I get free access to the 30 Day Booty Camp?

Because it is an evergreen program and not a fixed-start-date challenge, it is not available as a free benefit of your Fit Rise membership. However, if you were a member when The Booty & Thigh Challenge was released in July of 2019, you still have access to it in your email! Members also have access to quite a few mini-challenges that Danette has created. You can find them on your dashboard on the left-hand side by clicking on Mini-Challenges. Given this, you are still able to order and take part in the stand along program HERE.

Should the coffee grounds be used or fresh?

You can use either used or fresh coffee grounds, but remember to make sure they're organic so they're free of any pesticides. If you're not a coffee drinker, you may be able to stop at your local coffee shop to ask for used coffee grounds.

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